Coaches Coaches are the ambassadors for your lacrosse club, and they should always look their best. All coach items are premium quality and and most feature my proprietary 3D "Pucker Free" embroidery. Key items include polo shirts, 1/2 zip pullovers, jackets, hats, and shoes.

Players Players demand the right fit, the best performance, and great looks. In addition to mandatory team apparel items (aka the Player Pack), the assortment offers several optional items. And Player Numbers. All player items are customized with Player Numbers because whether players are at the field, traveling to the field, or in class they want to be recognized as a member of the lacrosse team. In addition to premium quality apparel, I also offer hard goods and bags.  Products to add to your player assortment include backpacks, helmets, gloves, and pads.

Boosters Boosters want to help provide team unity and to support your lacrosse club. In addition to the coach and player products in your assortment, I provide booster items for men, women, and kids. A typical booster assortment has 10 items created specifically for women (and 3 for kids).

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Shop Leading your coaches, players, alums, parents, and boosters to your personalized online store is as easy as providing your customized link.  I create the entire shopping experience and your customers can search it using our robust back-end capabilities or just browse at their leisure. In addition to a individualized searches, your products are conveniently grouped in key categories as well. High res images and detailed descriptions accompany your items. And of course, your store is mobile-friendly.

Purchase Selecting items is as easy as browsing the online store, choosing from all the great items, and selecting the right size. Checkout is even easier. In addition to everything that you expect, the players need to provide their Player Number because player items are all customized with their number (just the way they like it).

Pay Your personalized online store payments are guaranteed to be safe and secure. I use Stripe, the same payment system that supports over 100,000 companies including Facebook, Kickstarter, Squarespace, and Lyft.

Ship Your custom items are shipped directly to your coaches, players, and boosters. Coach and player items are packaged (and labeled) separately and then shipped together to your contact person so that they can be distributed at practice. Alum, parent, and booster items are shipped directly to their address so that you don't have to be in the packaging & shipping business again. And of course, everything gets shipped with a Tracking Number that also gets emailed with each order.

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Pre-Season Store

  • Assortment Your product assortment is reviewed and finalized when you start planning for next season. Your assortment includes required items (coach pack & player pack) as well as optional items for coaches, players, and boosters.
  • Online Store Your personalized online store is open for 1 week as soon as you hold your pre-season meeting. The store is available to coaches & players, and includes training & practice gear.
  • Product Delivery Product is delivered for pre-season Fall Ball workouts.

In-Season Store

  • Online Store Your personalized online store is open for 2 weeks before your season starts. The store is available to players & boosters, and includes optional items for the season.
  • Product Delivery Product is delivered right before your games begin in February.